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Full Version: Interested in getitng a KA
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Usual reasons now, costs and stuff.

Looking to buy something that will last me the next 3 years at least.

Not get millions of spondoolies to spare but would still like the best I can get for my moola.

Was looking for the 'Collection'

Notice a few reports of rust and chassis problems though. How bad are these problems in reality ?

Are they worth the money they are getting ?

If you want it to last the next 3 years . . . then no, never get a Ford Ka. I had a very bad experience with one. The police said it couldn't be charged with rape because I didn't see it. But I know, I KNOW IT WAS A FORD KA!!

The police even had the audacity to say it could have been a Smart car, because it was small enough to sneak up on me and catch me from behind. But I know it was a Ford Ka, because it made a grinding noise and nearly broke down halfway through.

Yes, I suggest a Lambourghini or Ferrari Enzo, if that's in your price range. If not, I suggest you walk.

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