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Full Version: Me And My Car
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Hi everyone my names jay im new here iv just joined the ford owners club and its nice to be amongst fellow ford owners.I own a highly modified ford focus 1.8 16v zetec s 2003 model with 39.000 miles on the clock full service history and 1 previous owner the car was standard until i got my mits on it. its garaged all winter and only used at weekends, as i have a vauxhall sri 130 as my weekly run around. here's a run down on the mods so far.....

1 Bluefin Superchip
2 Pipercross Coldair Induction Kit
3 Pipercross Crankcase vent Kit
4 Denso Iridium Platinum Sparkplugs
5 Magnacur Ht Leads
6 Pipercross Full Stainless Steel Exhaust 3.5inch
7 Cammed / Vernia Pullys
8 Pipercross Performance Hoses (water system)
9 100bhp Nitros Oxide System Installed by the (Wizzards of Nos)Liquid Shot Through Direct Port Injection In The In Let Manifold It Was a One Off Street Defender Kit Done By The Lads At Doncaster At The Wizzards
10 Eco-tec Valve
11 Strut Brace Front And Rear
12 skimmed head
13 polised ports
14 uprated injectors
15 balanced and uprated crank
16 lightened flywheel

Standard from factory its blue iv had the windows tinted limo black blue head light bulbs installed and wizzards put there sticker on the boot ive never really wanted a body kit cos i like the idea of a wolf in sheeps clothing.Also its been lowered all round on konis with tarox grooved and vented discs on red stuff pads it has standard ford alloys 17inch on yoko ruber iv had the car dyno rolin roaded off nos it has 170bhp on nitros 275bhp its brutal and with all nitros the torque gain is the same as bhp gain so 100bhp kit also gives 100ft lbs of torque which is handy.My car is proof that you dont need an ST to have a fast ford because off nos i can easly keep up with an ST and on nos the ST wouldnt stand a chance.Not to dis STs cos there awsome there are other options though and when your in a stealth car which isnt expected to go lke it does it gives people a shock and its funny too humiliate bigger cars withbigger engines. Also theres a simple sound system installed touch screen head unit and a highfonics 10inch sub and amp thank all replys welcome and any advice on what do next would be appreciated.........The performance is un real its better than a turbo or supercharger because theres no lag what so ever.You can use NOS in any gear at any revs flick a switch and floor the throttle and your gone its best in 3rd at 3000rpm the power dosnt fade right to the limiter at 7000rpm in every gear.It maks your engine rev happy just like a bike if i nail it in 3rd at 3000rpm it instantly wheelspins thats scary when your doin 60mph and you experiance wheel spin when your on NOS but funny when your on the arse of a scooby wanting to get past all i ever get asked is what the hell have you got in that and i just say 1.8 16v and smile.
Sounds a nice little spec buddy.

Welcome to the club
Sounds like a bit of a monster really.

Welcome to FOC.
[quote name='vinnyvangough' date='21 February 2010 - 02:04 AM' timestamp='1266717272' post='66082']
Sounds a nice little spec buddy.

Welcome to the club

thanks fella appreciate that
[quote name='DanGull' date='21 February 2010 - 09:24 PM' timestamp='1266786861' post='66244']
Sounds like a bit of a monster really.

Welcome to FOC.

thanks for the welcome dude? yeah it is a monster it still scares me and its my car its somthin you have too experiance too understand cos Nos is hard to explain what it feels like it aint like a turbo or supercharger its more brutal and instant theres no waitin for boost your just gone and whats really good is theres an off switch so your not constantly puttin strain on the engine like you are with turbos on high boost that are constantly working.
im going to put some photos on here soon of my nitros powered beast its in mint condition and maguired regularly theres not a scratch or dinge anywhere and the engine bay is so clean you could eat your dinner off it watch this space for the pics thanks guys please feel free to give advice on what to do next
Hello and welcome to FOC.
Cant wait to see the photos, sounds a beast :D

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