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Full Version: Car Bump
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Hi about a month agao i was parked outside by local takeaway place while i was in the pizza shop my girlfriend was sat in the car on the passenger side waiting to her amazement a car pulled in. in front of my car stopped really close my girlfriend said then to her amazement the other car bumped my car with a strong joit my girlfriend said my car rocked like hell cut the long story short the other driver that hit my car did not hand her details to me basecally she was refuseing. so i contacted the police had to go down to the station to give a statement the police are putting it down to failing to stop.

Now ive been incontact with my insurance company over this matter told them what has happend etc then to be told that the other person insurance company the driver is saying she never touch my car the usual crap i did'nt do it now i have been back to were the bump happend to check with the loacl takeaway places if they seen anything because at the time i was parked out a chipshop even checked for cctv in that area notthing so basecally iam pissed off with all this now the car is not badly damage it mainly cosmetic damage had a quote by fords myself and it came back has 520 worth of damage my insurance sent me to a acceident repair centre and they said 300 worth of damage.

But my insurance comapany have gone very quiet it feels like that everybody have forgot and the other driver (idiot) is getting away with it surely if the police are putting it down to failing to stop somethng has gotta be done mind you she is probaily saying to the police never touch his car so iam just wondering is there anything further i can do to get this matter pushed on abit and get this other scum bag driver to pay for the damage se has done.

Cheers alan.
Ring them every day and keep pushing them to do something.

Other than that there is nothing else you can do really
You should have positioned youre car so that it was impossible for her to leave the scene without your say so :lol:
I know m8 true very true but with her being a inconsiderate scum bag probaily would of rammed me and cause more damage.
[quote name='fiesta_lad' date='21 February 2010 - 08:57 PM' timestamp='1266785226' post='66213']
I know m8 true very true but with her being a inconsiderate scum bag probaily would of rammed me and cause more damage.
Some people just dont give a ... about other peoples belongings :(
just typical ay?

i know its not exactly much use now but personally, i would have phoned the police at the time it happened and if she was out her car i wouldnt let her back in it if i could help it

was she alone? if you were with your mrs then atleast you have a witness, surely the police cant let that go...
I know mate just because other people drive around in sheds full of dings doesn't mean i have to i mean by looking at her car its not the first time shes hit something or someone like the rest of people on this forum everyone takes pride in their car cleaning it makeing it pretty etc and some idiot comes along and runes it for you it really gets my blood to boiling point :angry:

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