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Full Version: Would You Buy A Car That Has Already Done 150'000 Miles?
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J i m
As per topic title.

Some of you may know that I'm hunting for a mk1 Focus 3dr hatch tdci. The ones I've found are either selling like hot cakes or are just a bit too much out of my budget.

Obviously I'd prefer to car a car with relatively low mileage, however if I have to settle for a car that has been "slightly more worn in" is there any real disadvantage to buying a car that has already done 150'000 + miles?
I bought my Mk1 Focus about 18 months ago, It had done 150k when I bought it and it runs as good as, If not better than a lot of newer cars. Dont let a high mileage put you off its about how well its been looked after.
Like above I have had mondeo diesels one which had 330k miles on original engine just make sure its been serviced well.
J i m
Thanks, this is positively encouraging answer :)

However...Dammit! Even that one has been sold, hahahahahaha! :lol: Just called up to enquire about a 2003 focus 1.8 tdci zetec that has done 154'000 miles, priced at 2595, and yup it's been sold.

Every car I've enquired about this morning has been sold :(
Thats normally a good sign that you are looking at the right priced cars as its time to worry when a car you look at hasnt sold for ages!!! You just got to be on the ball!!!
J i m
It's a very annoying good sign though! :lol:
[quote name='J i m' date='01 March 2010 - 10:21 AM' timestamp='1267438263' post='68068']
It's a very annoying good sign though! [img][/img]

150k isnt a lot but do remember that there will be more wear and tear items needing replaced so a full up to date service history is essential if in any doubt about the history call the garage that stamped the book theres plenty of fake history out there so its worth a phone call
I've bought high milers in the past and as long as service history is up to date and all the major things have been done (cambelts etc) then go fot it if the price is right.
J i m
Put down a deposit for a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi Zetec 3dr, (mileage 103112) today.

Deal is about 50% done I think.
Hi i have recently purchased a focus 16lx 2005 132000 (the one in my avatar pic) mostly motorway miles mls ffmdsh 1 non smoking owner from new mint condition passenger and rear seats not been sat on 12mths mot 6 mths tax for £3895 was this a good price,the car runs like new
It's definitely nothing to worry about if the car has been looked after and backed up by service history. Plus, diesels can cope with high mileage more than petrols.

I bought my V reg mk1 estate in March last year. It was an ex company car so it had full service history til 78,000. Bought it with 104,000. At 107,000 I serviced the car myself. It's now on 127,000 and it'll have another service soon. And I can't fault the car, only had to do stuff which is normal wear and tear. Car itself has never missed a beat.
[quote name='luckyman' date='20 March 2010 - 09:16 PM' timestamp='1269119174' post='72799']
Hi i have recently purchased a focus 16lx 2005 132000 (the one in my avatar pic) mostly motorway miles mls ffmdsh 1 non smoking owner from new mint condition passenger and rear seats not been sat on 12mths mot 6 mths tax for 3895 was this a good price,the car runs like new

Decent price for a new shape Focus I'd say.
Hi its a 16lx petrol ex company car it has had 10 services in 4 1/2 years all done at arnie clark,we called them up and they told us everything about the car inc when cam belt was replaced brakes tyres etc
Ford Own Rs Demons
I have in the past bought 150k+ vehicles and they can be the best bargain or a reet stinker the ones to go for are old peoples as there hardly even run in with there arthatis and have the time and the money to spare no expense in almost all cases the only things youll have to watch out wit this is a wet arse lol
The last 4 I have bought have all been well over 100k, ex lease hire with full service history, at the right money no problems.
Sold my 2003 1.6 Zetec Climate with 107k on the clock for 2,500 to buy a brand new Focus.
Went with a FSH ( main dealer ) and no the Guy who bought it got a bargain............... :)
Yep i have 2000 Focus 1.8td 166thou+ all serviced last owner was a Reverand only cost 890 best car i have owned very comfy on the motorway and handles much better than my Volvo 440 which was to put it nicely a bit "soft". B) Only had the Focus 5 days but so far no major problems fixed the boot lock problem nice and easy.

Very happy and if it last me as long as my Volvo did which was 5 years i will be over the moon.


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