Hi all,

New to the forum but have been reading your posts over the last year or so. We have a standard '03 1.3 KA which was bought from new. It's done 55k and has been a great little car...

I'm after some advice ref inspecting front top mount play. I do my own servicing on our other vehicles (VWs) and when inspecting the top mounts on these with the car jacked up there is no play. However, on the KA with unloaded fron suspension, there seems to be a hell of a lot of play on both sides. The car drives fine (sometimes a slight creak from the front left over exteme bumps but nothing from normal driving)

Is top mount play normal for these cars when the suspension is unloaded? As there are no other obvious symptoms, I'm inclined to leave it and regret I checked!

Your advise would be really appreciated!