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Full Version: Ford Ka Auxilliary Belt Change
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cossie connoisseur
im gana be changing the auxilliary belt on my friends car thursday and need to know what tools i need ect

its a non aircon car, 1998 petrol.

is it a manual tensioner?

and has anyone got any tips like how long it will take?

much thanks in advance!
cossie connoisseur
Damon Neal
[quote name='cossie connoisseur' date='02 March 2010 - 09:24 PM' timestamp='1267564495' post='68393']

Hi did one today on a 98 Ka which took a couple of hours. Haynes says take out the headlight on drivers side but i managed to do it without all that hastle. Jacked the drivers side up and removed the wheel for access. Removed wheel arch trim for access should all be torx bits to get covers off. belt has a automatic tensioner so use a spanner to release the tension on the belt TAKE NOTE OF THE BELT ROUTING and pull it off. Once the old one is off route the new one into place put tension on the auto tensioner and do the final fit onto the pulley. once this is done check the fitting all round, once happy fire her up and check everything is running ok before refitting the arch and wheel and youre done. Hope this helps.

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