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Full Version: Which Satnav Should I Go For?
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I'm planning on buy a new sat nav when I pick up my Fiesta next month, but which should I go for? I've narrowed it down between the 2 of the big players - the TomTom XL IQ Routes or the Garmin Nuvi 1340T.

I had experience using a TomTom one a couple of years ago and it was pretty good, I use the Garmin when I borrow my boyfriend's car and apart from getting me lost in Kingston, making me loop the town 3 times, it's not done too bad of a job.

Anyone had much experience with either and could recommend one?
i use tomtom and never had any probs with it apart from the mount don't stick to renault windscreens???? :huh:

use it to get me from near scottish border to south wales and to places round newcastle and stuff and they are good little systems but need to remember to update it every few weeks.
tom tom 1 for me - works even with the heated screen :)
tom tom go 530 great piece of kit no complaints with it at all, had a go 300 before this one and the iq routes with wider screen are a god send.
Tom Tom is good but i used to use my Dad's Navman. Was fantastic
I'm a TOM TOM guy :rolleyes:
I would say definately the tomtom, I have one (wanting a new 1 really) tells you about speed cameras and you can report new ones! (as you can prob tell I really hate speed cameras), bet your excited about the car coming, how long you have to wait?
I've had a Garmin and a Tom Tom and am now on another Garmin. Personally I prefer the Tom Tom, found it was better at routes and the distances to turn offs etc. I'm only back to Garmin because my bf dad didn't use it and he sold it to me for a fraction of the price.

Last week it was quite foggy here and the Garmin lost the satellite signal - never experienced that with the Tom Tom.
I've had a Tom Tom 1 for about 3 years and have no intention of swapping it in, It's fully updated and I get regular speed camera and road updates (pay extra).

In use you have to trust it but also use a bit of common sense, it does like to send you down very narrow back roads & thru fords etc, but it's never let me down.

Annoyances; despite being fully updated it does have some very annoying quirks; e.g 1) Going down the M5 near Bridgewater at 70 (honest ;-) while it's saying the limit is much lower.. e.g 2) telling you to go down a road that does'nt exist, e.g 3) always being told to "turn around when possible", surely the dozy dorris does'nt know what way your facing ??.

Yes the screen sucker does exactly that SUCK, it's pants basically, I bought a cheap but very effective one that sticks like glue every time, is longer & has a very felixable (twistable) arm on ebay along with a very nice little case, don't buy genuine Tom Tom as they'll rip you off. Another tip; got a Nintendo DS or DSI?, use the stylus.
TomTom no questions asked. Tried out a Garmin and did not care for UI at all, very cheap looking

Although my TomTom 510 is outdated and the battery sucks ass its still fantastic for getting me from A-Z
Michael P
I have a TomTom and it's pretty good. Not had any problems with it at all :)

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