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Full Version: How Many 10 Plates Have You Seen
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Hi just wondering if anyone has seen any 10 plates on the road yet. up to now ive seen two in my local supermarket 10 plate white fiesta and a 10 plate vauxhall vectra.
Just the one - 10 plate 3 series in silver just off the M5 this morning - unfortunately it had a clapped out Vectra buried in the side of it and looked a total write off...
Gutted i would cry and probaily beat up the vectra driver :ph34r:
The girl i seen today in my local supermarket was wipeing dirt of her car spiting on a bit of tissue i felt like saying you should'nt of went for white :lol: me personally i would'nt of went for white never liked the colour no offenece to people who do have white cars :)
I seen a 10 plate white RS just yesterday.
I would cry if i was the 3 series driver. If the Vectra driver was unhurt from the impact, he soon would be :lol:
None apart from mine so far!
Once you see one 10 plate you see loads more.
work colleage picked up his 8.30 on monday morning.
Saw 3 while i was driving to Bristol yesterday, and on the way back i saw 10 Fords on the back of alorry all 10 plated
must be a few about somewhere DVLA had to work saturday and sunday because of the backlog :unsure:
[quote name='vinnyvangough' date='03 March 2010 - 04:08 PM' timestamp='1267631899' post='68546']
Saw 3 while i was driving to Bristol yesterday, and on the way back i saw 10 Fords on the back of alorry all 10 plated

I also saw a lorry around Bristol carry 10 plate Fords yesterday evening. I also saw a '10 plate red mini S today and tomorrow it will be my new Fiesta :P
Saw my first one today... it was a black pug 207. Sad mine isn't brand new anymore :(
Michael P
Unsurprisingly i have seen three Hyundai i10's, they'res a Vauxhall Corsa down the street, couple of Golfs, a Civic and a Lexus IS200. Quite a few!
Saw an amazing looking white 10 plate fiat 500 today... nice :)
Ive seen a Few About my part...

Mazda 2 - Bottom of My Street
Bentley Continental GT Flying Spur Speed - Going through My Village
Mercedes GLK - At Asda
Mercedes CLC - At Asda
Mini Cooper S - Friends Mum
Citroen C5 - M8
Range Rover Sport - Friends Dad
Scania Fire Truck lol - Clydebank Fire Station
Ford Mondeo 1.8 - Police
Vauxhall Astra - Co-op
VW Golf - Glasgow Airport
Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead - Rolls Royce Glasgow
Audi Q7 - Our New Family Car lol
Ive seen that many now lost count :lol:
I've seen about 7 or 8. All pretty unremarkable cars really. 1 of them was a bus.
Sorry dear no idea.But I will really try to find it out.But I just want to know why you are asking about it.
Certainly seen a few now - getting common!

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