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Full Version: My Ka Sounds Like A Motorbike!!!!
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Hello all...just wondering if anyone could offer any words of wisdom to me!!

I bought my 02 plate KA on Saturday just gone and all over the weekend it was driving fine, drove to work today (25 miles, city and motorway) and as I pulled away from a roundabout I though the engine was going to explode...through gears 1-3 it sounds like a motorbike but seems to be ok in 4th/5th. It was MOT'd on Thursday last week and the last service was done in May last year (not sure if that would make a difference but thought best to include all the info I have)

I dont know a thing about cars and I dont want to take it to a garage for them to realise I know nothing and try and rip me off (had that done in the past!) so was wondering if anyone could offer any thoughts as to what could be the problem so I could at least make it sound like I have a clue!!!

Thanks in advance :)
more infomation needed on the noise please, does it sound roadspeed related (get noiser as you speed builds) or engine related (noiser when engine revs).does it happen as you lift or depress the clutch and roughley what area of the car does the noise come from.the better the information the closer the answer will be.
might not be running on all cylinders, could be a bad spark plug. just a guess really
[quote name='SWARCUP' date='11 March 2010 - 12:32 PM' timestamp='1268310144' post='70535']

sounds like youre exhaust is blowing since it was just motd ide assume the exhaust has just went.
easy way to tell let the car idle and use the palm of youre hand to cover the rear tailpipe you should feel the pressure push youre hand away if not its a hole in the exhaust
If so, its a good opportunity to get a stainless steel exhaust. B)
Doesn't have to be loud or anything, you can get specialists to fit one thats designed to be quiet.

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