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Full Version: Off Topic - I'm Glad This Wasn't My Fiesta
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A lorry going down the A1...

Still don't know if it's just a very good fake! :)

(Sorry if it's the wrong forum for off topic stuff!)
Surely that must be a fake - there's just not enough movement from the car to my eyes.

ps - it's in exactly the right part of the forum :)
I noticed this earlier,
Hard to believe the driver could not see or feel it so i think it must be a fake :lol:
That’s scary :o

if it is a fake its very well done, looks a bit too realistic to me to be a fake.
Michael P
I can't see how this can be a fake!!

Must of been a little, tiny bit fun...
I don't think it's fake, you can even see the reflection of the lorry's headlights on the side of the car.

Very scary, I wonder how far the car was taken before the lorry stopped. :huh:
This link confirms its real and says it was dragged along for about 1/3 of a mile :o
Just seen the clip again on the 6 o’clock news…

The police are going to reopen the case and I should think so too, how the lorry driver got away with it last January I’ll never know :blink:
That cars tyres must be messed up. Although how the car got like that I dont know, since no one drives sideways on a motorway
Saw this last night, incredible.

I reckon the car was in the middle lane and the lorry was on the inside, the car being in the blind spot half infront and half alongside the lorry. Then, when the lorry went to pull out it caught the back of the car and spun it around infront of the lorry like it is in the video. Shows how powerful the tanker is that he didn't feel a thing.
Looks like it is [url=""]REAL[/url]
Michael P
Not that i have ever driven a lorry, but i seriously cannot see how you wouldn't notice absolutely anything!!!
I've actually driven a lorry on a farm. And you'll be surprised how far back from the windscreen you sit, and it's a big old dashboard you're looking over. I know it's hard to believe, but you can't see much. And you definitely wouldn't see that Clio.
A motorist who was shunted sideways and pushed along a motorway at 60mph when her car was hit by a lorry, has told how she thought she was going to die.

Rona Williams' car was trapped under the bumper of the tanker and pushed along the A1(M) near Wetherby, West Yorkshire, until the driver saw her.

Footage of the incident was posted on YouTube.

Mrs Williams, 31, of York, told the Daily Mail she called 999 and told an operator: "I'm going to die".

The vet, who works at a practice in Garforth, was not injured in the incident.

She said she feared the Arclid Transport HGV would ram her into the crash barrier and kill her so she tried calling for help on her mobile phone.

Police investigation

Mrs Williams told the newspaper: "I just screamed at the operator 'I'm going to die, I'm going to die - can you do something?'

"She tried to calm me down but there wasn't really anything she could do at the end of the phone."

Mrs Williams' Renault Clio was clipped by the lorry and twisted sideways, trapping it under the front bumper.

In a bid to release her vehicle, she said she pulled on the handbrake and flashed her hazard lights to try to catch the driver's attention, as well as that of other road users, but she said it took the lorry driver nearly a minute to notice her.

When he did he was "all over the place", Mrs Williams said, and finally managed to bring both vehicles to a stop on the hard shoulder.

Arclid Transport and West Yorkshire Police, which attended the scene of the crash on 13 January, are investigating.


Must of been traumatising for her!

And the minute she was dragged down the stretch of motorway must have felt like a lifetime!
Ben Martin
wow thats terrifying!!!

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