well joy oh joy found out today that the rear suspension upper bushes need done as they are about shot didnt even bother asking ford how much instead local garage i trust is fitting them at 137 quid inc vat with me supplying the bushes. would have done it myself if ide had the special tool to do it with,which my local does so they can do them in situ instead of stripping down the rear end which is handy incase youre wonderiung its these ones that fix the suspension to the frame and im told they are extremely common to get done with most m.o.t inspectors picking them so its well worth getting youre heads under and having a look at youre ones guys look under the rear door you cant miss them full arm looks like this up so monday and ill get those done meanwhile to cheer myself up ill watch the uncensored lady gaga vid for telephone if youve seen it youll know why it cheers me up lol