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Full Version: Not Sure If My Ford Fiesta Has A Radio Key Code
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Bill Wexford
I'm thinking of replacing the radio/cassette unit in my 1998 Ford Fiesta with something contemporary. I am wondering about radio codes. This is because a year or so ago the battery was stolen(!) from the car. After I had replaced it, there was no subsequent problem with the radio 'locking' or anything like that.

I bought the vehicle second hand, and do not know what the radio code is, if it indeed exists. I am a bit concerned that on buying and fitting a new unit, I may find (unlike when replacing the battery), that I will be asked for a code.

Do all 1998 Ford Fiestas have radio codes and will I need one if I replace the current unit? And, if so, does anyone have any thoughts about why I didn't need one to reset the radio after I replaced the battery?


on some radios the locking code function can be switch off or on which might be the case with your radio, a new radio will only need a code if its a ford radio,but it should come with the required code. most after market radios do not need a code.
Bill Wexford
[quote name='mintalkin' date='01 April 2010 - 10:09 PM' timestamp='1270155596' post='75570']
most after market radios do not need a code.

Great, thanks for that Mintalkin - information much appreciated. Bill

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