Ok, So yesturday i fitted a new air filter (K&N) with an intake pipe going between the rad and the passenger side headlamp... with me so far?... I then noticed a wire loose (unplugged)... so i thought i must have disconnected it between my f'in and blinding at having too big hands for such a small gap...

I then took it for a test run... legally of course... and to my surprise... at a cold engine my temp guage showed around the middle of the normal range!... then as my car heated up... it went past the red and has done a boat-hook bender around the display... If that reading is correct i should be dialing 999 for the fire service.

So, i pulled over and looked at the area i was working in... and remembered that plug.... so.. i looked at it, disconnected it... blew into it... gave it a shake... and then reconnected it... no change there... So i disconnected it and drove on... and still no change in the temp guage doing a blonde on me?!


So, i went home and have spent a few hours looking, and looking... and prodding and looking (scratch head)...

Everything looks fine. sounds fine, feels fine. everything is right where it should be... so WHY?????

Ok, i think it could be thermostat? Sensor? that plug? or its just doing that "Ford" thing.

Does anyone have a clue as to why it has started doing this?... also.... that plug doesn't seem to do anything at all... out or in... it has no effect!...


That plug is situated below the passenger side head lamp assembly... it is blue in color and is attached to the metal bit next to the radiator... it connects to a main wire loom that disapears off behind the head lamp and the metal panel at the top of the radiator heading towards the drivers side head lamp area... and another wire goes off to the thermostat sensor.

What is this plug for?

Second... could the MAF sensor be affecting it?... or something to do with the air intake?... as this is the only thing i touched and the only area where it could be causing trouble.... as it has worked fine up to now.

Thank you for your help, sorry about spelling or grammar... after all i own a Ford... and hope you can help me