A quick guide on uploading a picture to the Ford Owners Club.

1 - First of all you will have to make an account with [url="http://photobucket.com/"]PHOTOBUCKET[/url]

2 - Once an account has been created you can upload photos from your documents to the PhotoBucket website. Simply click "Upload Videos and Images" and follow the instructions. ([i]Figure 1[/i])
[center][i]Figure 1[/i][/center]

3 - Once photo has uploaded you want to copy the "Direct Link" code ([i]Figure 2[/i])
[center][i]Figure 2[/i][/center]
4 - On writing the post you want the image to be allocated to, click the small picture tab ([i]Figure 3[/i])and paste the code into the box followed by confirming with the "insert Image".
[/center][center][i]Figure 3[/i][/center]