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Full Version: Imac Vs Macbook Pro
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Right - as some will know, I've recently returned my 17 inch MacBook Pro as I've had ENDLESS problems with it. This makes me very sad. :(

I am by no means alone in this - many many people have had problems with the biggest MBP apparently, and having now had two (both with problems) I don't want another one.

So - I have two options...

One is to buy an iMac - 27 inch 2.66 quad core.

The other is to buy a 13/15 inch MacBook Pro and add the 24inch cinema display.

In order for them to both cost the same (a steep 1800 or so before educational discount) the specs will look like this...


iMac: 2.66 Quad core - MPB: 2.26 core duo


Both 4gb, costs about the same to make them 8gb

Hard Drive

iMac: 1TB - MPB: 500GB


iMac: 512mb - MPB: piddly frankly

Now, I do a lot of work at home on music notation software, which is why I need a big screen, but I also work at school so portability is a bonus. I don't game on the Mac, so the graphics are less of an issue aren't they? I have the XBox, PS3 and Wii for that lot :lol:

Which should I do?
Michael P
iMac. Simply because it looks drop dead gorgeous.

Also you'll get the mouse and keyboard with that :) But ohhhhh, get the iMac.
Michael P
And i did not know of any problems!!!!

How dare you not talk to me, i see how it is now......
Yeah, but I can't use an iMac in bed, and I can't take it to school with me...

I can get a keyboard and mouse with the Macbook Pro, then when it's on the desk it's just like a big desk top. The cinema display isn't exactly ugly now is it?
Michael P
But it is absolutely and utterly ridiculously priced...
The two options above are 100 different in favour of the iMac. For portability, I'd pay another 100.
Erm... coming from someone with a 13" MBP, I can wholeheartedly reccommend it! Mine is the 2.53GHz, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 512MB graphics card (I think).

If you can cope with only having 250GB HDD, the spec above is brilliant. I use photoshop CS4 extended and that has never had any issues on my machine. Also the cinema display is brilliant, saw one in the apple store today and it was very nice indeed! You can then hook it all up in HD using the DVI out from the MBP.

The screen on mine is 13" and has a resolution of 1280x800. It is plenty big enough for sitting on your lap with, and taking to school. Also, I've never had any issues with build quality since getting it at crimbo.

Hope that helps, I'll be on FB chat if you want any more advice :D

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