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Full Version: Over Feeding Leather?
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i love a clean car, as im sure everyone does, but i expecially like to keep the interior of mine clean, this is my first ever car with leather appolstry, and as such am rather overkill on its clenliness, the car gets washed once a week regardless of whether it needs it or not, and at the same time the interior gets hoovered, dusted and the leather gets wiped with cleaning / feeding wipes, i do this as it not only smells nice and makes the leather all slippery, but im also under the impression that feeding the leather will keep it better for longer, however, can you overfeed it? is once a week too much? am i actually doing more harm than good? i am not using the liquid feed, just the cleaning wipes that just happen to have feed in them

many thanks

There are two schools of thought on leather care - those who say feed, and those who say don't.

For me, I feed twice a year - clean whenever I detail the car. For me leather shouldn't be 'slippery' but it should be shiny, feeding every 6 months or so works for me.
so these leather feed wipes are no good? what do you clean your leather with?
[quote name='Roo' date='03 April 2010 - 11:57 PM' timestamp='1270334878' post='75961']
so these leather feed wipes are no good? what do you clean your leather with?
[size="2"][font="Verdana"]The wipes contain a tiny amount of product for what they cost and aren't highly regarded. Arguably the best stuff is Gliptone. It comes in two bottles with separate cleaner and conditioner. But the general recommendation is you only need to do this about once every six months unless you're doing a huge mileage.

aah ok, so the wipes just clean the leather, then feed it every 6 months or so, i shall see if i can grab a bottle of this gliptone stuff

thanks for the info, its much appreciated

I do mine three or so times a year as I drive quite a lot. If the leather feels dry and tough, it probably needs a feed unless it's a normally tough finish.

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