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Full Version: Replacing Dipped Bulbs
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Hi All,

I am about to buy some new dipped bulbs for our Mk2 Focus 1.6 TDCI Zetec but before I do it I was wondering how tricky the replacement job is? I have done it many times before on other cars but I have read that with the Mk2 Focus its not such an easy straight forward task?

Anyone done this and how easy is it?

Many thanks in advance,

No easy way, you have to take the head light out, a Screw and two clips, when light is out you can take off the seal plate to get to the bulbs.

hope this helps you.
Here is a site where the fella shows full in depth illustrations and clear instructions.
Believe me, replacing bulbs in a focus is an absolute doddle compared to most other makes.

Once you've undone the single Torx bolt, there are 2 clips that need pressing down with a long screwdriver. the unit will then be able to be pulled towards you and released.

You then need to release the 4 clips that seal the back of the unit to expose the bulbs. With the unit out completely, it makes the actual bulb replacements extremely easy, with not having to fumble about in extremely tight places trying to detach/re-attach clips etc.

I find the hardest part is undoing the wire connector. Its very tight. Its slightly easier if the back of the unit is unclipped first. Its not necessary to unclip it to change the bulbs, but it does make it easier having the unit completely free from the car to work on
I once dropped the screwdriver into the engine bay when I was removing the headlight unit, and fortunately could reach to get it. Remember to press the two clips at one time, otherwise it's impossible to remove the headlight.
Outstanding, thanks guys :)

I'll give it a go on Saturday.

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