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Full Version: Heater Has A Mind Of Its Own?
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Hey all

The heater in my sportka has developed a mind of its own, with the blower on speed 1 and the dial on its coldest setting, the car blows cold, until the engine warms up, then it blows hot, then a few miles down the road it blows cold again, then pull up to some traffic lights and it blows hot again.

it sounds to me like the heater solinoid valve thingie is in the process of killing itself, i have of course looked under the bonnet, checked that everything is plugged in right, there are no obvious unplugged wires or pipes

so, is this the solinoid? or is it something else completely?

Many Thanks

Sounds like you heater control valve thats playing up
hiya, i have something like that going off as well. my heater was stuck on full, i changed the heater control valve, but the car is still blowing out nothing but hot air. i took it to my garage and they have looked at it, and after a few hours and a specialist (or so they say) its the control switch in the car that is knackered. does this sound right to other people? if i cant get this thing sorted soon im going to cook in the summer.
also while im on the point of things broken in my ka, (this is the first one i have bought and got it for a grand, it has a few issues and im giving my self till xmas to get it to showroom standard) i dont know if the lock on the passenger door has had it as well. when i want to lock the door i press the handle in, as in any other ford i have had, but when the KAs door is open the handle will not go in. it will when the door is shut, and it works with the key when the door is open. a friend of mine said that it does this on hers, but it dosnt sound right, is this true with other people? (by the way my KA dosnt have central locking)
the door handle wont push in when yo uhave the door open? sounds sencible to me, maybe a way of stopping you locking your keys in your car, my old citroen had the same idea
im guessing, its just that none of the other fords i have owned had a lock like it,

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