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Full Version: Ford Key System Explained
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due to some confusion by some concerning keys and programming keys and remotes ive done this to explain the different key systems ie red keys blue keys and how it effects programming.

[b]Ford Red Key System - [/b]1994 to 1998[b]

[/b]This system involves a red master key and 2 other user keys already programmed to the car ie ignition keys. The purpose of the red key is to put the car into programming mode to allow further keys to be programmed to your vehicle. Once you insert the Ford red master key, your car will enter programming mode. Then a further 2 keys cut for your vehicle must then be cycled in the ignition, each one being programmed in turn.
If you have lost your Master red key then the only way to program further keys is using professional key programming equipment to program a new master key, only then may further keys be added

[b]Ford 2 Key System (blue key system) [/b]- 1998 to current[b]

[/b]The transponders in the keys have varied over the years[b] [/b]with this system it is identified by having one key with a blue corner hence the blue key system. You [b]must[/b] have at least 2 keys programmed for the vehicle ie the blue key and the remote fob key. Once you have both keys programmed you can then add further keys without the need for professional equipment. This is done buy cycling the 2 programmed keys in your ignition in turn, thus putting your car into programming mode, then you can cycle a new key in the ignition and it will be programmed to your car.

blue key system remote programming

if you wish to add a remote to the car or have more than one remote its a simple process
1. Switch Ignition [b]On/Off (II/0) 4 times within 6 seconds [/b]until a sound is made.2. Press any button on Remote until a sound is made.3. To program additional Remotes, repeat after 2 seconds after the sound.4. Turn Ignition On/Off to exit.5. A maximum of 4 remotes can be programmed.

to programme the key itself take a look in youre manual and you will find the info you need

Useful information, thanks!

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