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Full Version: Engine Cutting Out When Running Cold
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Hello when run my 1996 1.6 zetec from cold it starts first time it runs fine but as soon as you rev it the revs drop and it cuts out and then its difficult to start, as its turning over you have to keep pumping the accelerator for it to start and it repeats this five or six times and as your driving it before it gets warm its under powered as if the fuel mixtures weak but when its warmed up it runs sweet as a nut. Ive just had all the valves and top end of the engine refurbished because it was running sluggish and now runs great and also over time ive checked for air leaks and replaced all sensors apart from the mass air flow sensor and the vehicle speed sensor i mean its got to be one of these i cant think what else it could be?
As anyone had a similar problem?
Have you cleaned the ICV?
[quote name='vinnyvangough' date='26 April 2010 - 07:57 PM' timestamp='1272307648' post='79505']
Have you cleaned the ICV?
Hi yes ive cleaned it several times and i even bought a new one and the same thing happens with the two. Its alot of fiddling about getting one off lol.Im really fustrated with it its a really good car i just want to get it sorted.Surely somebody else has encountered this problem.

Thank you for your reply.

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