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Full Version: Heater Problems
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a friend has asked me to look at her 06 plate ka , its constantly blowing hot even when selected to cold.

i know in most cases these can be solved with a simple dig out of the heater matrix.

my question is that i wonder if there are any common faults in these with ford as im not all to familiar with fords .

any help would be greatly appriciated by my self and my friend who has to drive around with her window down alot lol
a very common fault with most ka's is the heater control valve.
oh dear

is this an expensive repair ?
[quote name='theorangebandit' date='03 May 2010 - 10:13 AM' timestamp='1272877434' post='80451']
oh dear

is this an expensive repair ?

have a search on ebay, probably cost you £20-£30 for the part and 20 minutes to fit. if you are going to a garage to have this changed i would expect to pay about £50.

have a look at these 'genuine' ones (personally i would go with this guy)

there is also a guy on the forum who does genuine ford parts for a good price.
Had the same problem myself with my ka last year. Replaced the hc valve and was fine. However two weeks ago it happened again. I did the same repaire and it didnt work. Turns out its also common for the temperature control dial on the cars heating controls to fail (blower still works though). Found a replacement cheap control panel at a scrap yard and replaced it myself (four screws in dash) works fine now.
Ive had the same problem with my fiesta 1.3i few years ago the heater control valve went think i paid about 35 from fords something like that ka and fiesta do have common problems with there heater control valves.

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