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[font="Arial Black"][/font][size="3"][/size] Ok so today I had some valeting to do for my dad at his garage which I got done in good time! After much hmm'ing and hawing about the weather I decided to give my own car some TLC. The upholstery was my main focus (pardon the pun!). Back when I got the car in October the upholstery was absolutely manky! I am very VERY anal and careful about how clean I keep my cars and this was something I just couldnt bare! Unfortuneatly Ive been very busy at college with it being my final year so never really had the chance to tackle it! A few weeks ago I tried some AG interior cleaner with a brush and cloth at the house and it worked great....FOR A WEEK! all the dirt just came back up again! :angry: My Dad told me I should use the vac they have in the garage to shift it but as I said Ive just been so busy with college and work I just couldnt get time. UNTIL TODAY :D and I am VERY pleased with the results. I hoovered the seats first and then got the vac. Im sure plenty of you have used them before so I wont bore you ;) I just applied the interior shampoo with the nozzle, agitated with a brush and then set that puppy to double suction and away all the dirt went! :P The water I emptied out afterwards was black as the ace of spades :blink: . I had already polished the windows and dusted/polished the plastics etc so I got a seat cover and drove it home to do the outside. Nothing too major just a wash'n'dry as it doesnt need another polish just yet. It has turned into a gorgeous evening here now so the car is out the front with the windows cracked so the seats can fully dry off! B) As they say, a picture paints a thousand words! Hope I attach them properly :(
Unfortuneatly in one of the pics my HID's came out alot more blue than they actually are!

And in one or twon of the seats, it looks like there still dirty in the centre but this is wear! 8 years old and 85,000 miles so I can't really moan too much I suppose! Thanks for looking!
Very good job.
Some seat covers now to protect them or leaving them open to show off the nice new clean material? :D
[quote name='Gazjs' date='03 May 2010 - 11:59 PM' timestamp='1272926954' post='80606']
Very good job.
Some seat covers now to protect them or leaving them open to show off the nice new clean material? :D
Cheers bud! ah no I won't cover them! they WONT get as dirty as they were before while I own the car anyway so it will be all good :)
Thanks again for the positive comment!

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