Hi, i bought a Capri 2.0l around 8 month ago to mess about with. i gutted the car removing everything, striping back the paint work, and have just finished the prepping the shell for paint work, (yeah i know 8 months is a long time)!
I have also owned a focus RS for 12month, and stupidly my car was 3days out of insurance and some bint drove straight into the back of my parked car that pushed it into the garage! i have been quoted over 9k for the damage as its the front and back and the car is only worth 5k.
Im not a mechanic i just thought the Capri would be fun, and i just get help here n there if i become stuck.
Anyways here's the question.
Would it be possible to get the engine, wiring loom, and steering into my Capri? if so what modifications would i need to make (e.g.. engine bay)?
Thanks for any suggestions.