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Full Version: ! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Bulb Change
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Great guide Shadow, all front lamps replaced in 35mins thanks to your pictures and info.
Looks like a good guide, ill probably give it a go in the summer once I have more time lol
Can we please have a guide on how to replace a brake light?

Thank you :)
Sorry I didn't cover the main beam bulb or other lights.
However I had a lovely moped driver use the front of my Fiesta as a parking bay recently, resulting in a very compacted front end. I also lost both headlights, so I may revisit this guide in the near future.

Also i've had a few people request they link / copy paste this guide for other forums.
While I really appreciate the PM's telling or requesting the use of the guide. It's not needed use this guide whenever and however you see fit.
I'll try and get rid of the stupid Username tags in the photo's that photo bucket added.

Sorry to hear about the car mate, I found this guide very useful when I first changed my bulbs.
Thanks for this guide! Have some Nightbreaker H1's, Blue Vision H7's, and Bluevision W5W's on order. Hope you get the car sorted OK!

Just wondering if anyone can offer me some advice. I am after changing the side lights on my white Fiesta and i want to know if anyone has fitted the Philips Blue Vision Ultra W5W bulbs to their car. I am worried that they will look blue when I have them on. At present the stock are OK when I have the dipped and main beam on, but the side lights seem to have a slight yellow tint to them.

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I would also take any recommendations for replacement dipped bulbs as I have no doubt that as soon as I upgrade the sides, I will be wanting to do the dipped bulbs

Great guide glad i read it first, i did mine yesterday and although a bit fiddly its easy enough if you are careful, philips blue vision ultra w5w look good and they came free with the philips extreme vision H7.
Great guide thanks but I did struggle with the underside white plastic clip and like a complete numpty I have broken the clip. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement?
Many thanks, John
I couldn't find a replacement clip by searching on web (without part number) so ended up purchasing one from local Ford garage. Cost = £5.38! For a piece of plastic! I now have the part number though so hopefully I will be able to find it cheaper if I ever have to purchase one again. Hopefully this will teach me to be more careful next time.

For anyone interested the part number for the clip is: 1702129
This was a great guide, i know how to strip a car down and do loads of bits but a new car, hmmm. This guide showed where and how to get started then the experience took over.

I ended up fitting Redline bulbs to my head light, sides, high beams and front fogs and they walked all over the Philips and Osram range! Whiter light, brighter light... And the price, loads cheaper!!!!
Hi great guide but can you tell me how to remove number plate bulbs from boot

[quote name='Simmo123' timestamp='1339526632' post='187027']
Hi great guide but can you tell me how to remove number plate bulbs from boot


Easy, with an allan key :)

great guide, front lights de-tango'd in around 40-45mins.
Great guide!
Uncle Fester
Done this today,all good but......ive had a drink so gotta wait till tomorrow night to have a play.
All looked ok parked up on the drive so here's waiting...
James Rosier
Anyone known how to take the rear lights off? Is it just unbolt and pull Like the front ones? Cheers :)
[quote name='James Rosier' timestamp='1345383473' post='201973']
Anyone known how to take the rear lights off? Is it just unbolt and pull Like the front ones? Cheers :)

2 screws that you can see on front then a butterfly nut behind it. Have to peel back the carpet and get your hand behind it.
James Rosier
Cheers mate for that!
Absolutely brilliant (excuse the pun) ! What a good guide to a tricky job if you haven't done it before. Mind you, I can't believe how difficult Ford have made this job compared to my son's 2006 Mondeo. Just as here, you need to remove the headlight but it is so so much simpler - on another Ford that's a previous generation (or is it two ? ) from the current Mondeo Two clips on grille, pull out locating rods,disconnect and it's out ! Timed at 90 seconds !
Anyway well done Rogue Shadow.
Thanks for the guide. Made changing the bulb much easier than it would have been going in blind.

Changed by headlight bulbs to Halfords Extreme Brilliance and sidelights to Halfords laser blue while I was at it.

The white clip isn't too bad although I can only assume the unit is clipped back into it when I replaced the unit as the rivet and bolts lined up fine. You can't actually see the bottom of the headlamp unit to be sure.

This is the first car I have change the dipped beam bulbs in myself, much easier when you can take the whole unit inside and so it on your kitchen table rather than trying to stand on your head and do it all by feel by the car :)

With the nights drawing in I thought it was about time I swapped out the OEM bulbs which, although fine in town, seem to have a pretty short hot spot out in the sticks.
Good guide helped me with the clip underneath but that was by far not the hardest part the small w5w lamps were there should be a place reserved in hell for the person who designed that them to go there what a pain in the backside they are to remove
Greetings, Newbie here.
Old school really distributor/coil era, i.e. Ford Anglia, Escort Mk2.
Anyway just bought a Fiesta 2009 1.4 Auto for my wife, 14K excellent condition.
I was looking at how to change the bulbs out of curiosity, especially the n/s.
Now I would not normally suggest this, but for £6.99 it might be amusing to watch Halfords staff trying to change the front lamps! :)
This guide helped me change dipped and sidelight bulbs on both units in just just 40 minutes!

Oh and btw, the side-light is a beeoch to get out
[quote name='Rogue_Shadow' timestamp='1273330540' post='81188']


This is the indicator bulb, to remove it, one turn anti-clockwise... while not handling the glass. There is ONE way the bulb will fit into the holder again. Line up the notches on the bulb with the gaps on the holder. Slot in and turn clockwise. Done


Now line up the tabs of the holder with the headlight and put it back in the headlight. This is abit fiddle. Take your time, line up the plastic tabs and you'll feel it go into the headlight. Then its one turn clockwise the lock it in place and seal the deal.


Do the bulbs have offset tabs or not? I have bulbs that I [i]was [/i]going to fit to my Focus but gave up and now want to de-tango my Fiesta and I'm not sure if the bulbs will fit......

p.s the bulbs I have for it do NOT have off set tabs.
Usually the only bulbs that have offset tabs are double filament bulbs like brake lights so as to avoid the wrong elements being lit.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1351356503' post='213942']
Usually the only bulbs that have offset tabs are double filament bulbs like brake lights so as to avoid the wrong elements being lit.

Cool I know what I am doing Monday before work starts!
Good drills Sir. :D
[quote name='Rogue_Shadow' timestamp='1273330612' post='81190']
[size=5][b]What sort of guide wouldn't help you put the headlight back in? Honestly people! Grab your headlight lets go ...[/b][/size]


[size=4][u][b]Replacing the headlight back into the mounting:[/b][/u][/size]


Meanwhile at your car lol.

Plug the connector back in and ensure the lights are working! Do not do anything else untill you have otherwise you'll be scrolling all the way back to the top of this guide...bad times.

All working? Are you now blinded by the pure brilliance ... Odds are no, its still daylight ha ha
Anyway ...

So remember the little plastic tabs on the headlight

Those will play a key part in making this part SO So Simple.

Insert the bottom (narrow) part of your headlight into the mounting first. After all it was this part that made it hard removing it in the first place.


With the headlight in place at the bottom (ensure the plates for the bolt and rivet are UNDER the grill and not ontop)
tilt the headlight and work on getting those plastic tabs into under the bodywork

During this step, odds are you will head the plastic clip at the bottom of the headlight clip into place and the headlight will fit snug. If this hasn't happened, have a good place around. Don't worry, there is only One way for the headlight to sit correctly and multiple ways to get it there.

Insert the bottom part of the rivet

Followed by the top part

Replace the other two bolts and washer, reconnect the connector at the back of the headlight. Close the bonnet and marvel the fact your indicator isn't orange

Now... we wait for the darkness to fall

Result to follow

Hope this has helped or given confidence to those wanting to give it a go.
Rogue Shadow

Are there any images from you referring to what these bulbs you bought look like?


Interested in buying them for my new motor but want to see the results.


Philips Blue Vision Ultra H7 (Twin Pack)

Philips Blue Vision Ultra W5W 501 (Twin Pack)




Just did my indicator bulbs on the MK7 ST, no need to even remove the light. It has DRL's, so no Side lights.

Without this guide I'd never have managed to get my fog light replaced! Many thanks.
Hi I'm a total newbie

I want to replace my footwell lights with the ones posted in this thred from ebay

Having trouble getting the original bulbs out

Can I get a lil help

Hi I'm a total newbie

I want to replace my footwell lights with the ones posted in this thred from ebay

Having trouble getting the original bulbs out

Can I get a lil help

You literally just pull.
Did a photo of the fitted blue vision bulbs ever get uploaded?

Guys. Need help here before i ruin this..


Seems like the headlight assembly of the 2013 fiesta is different along with its bulb mounts.


I have posted pictures of the headlight itself, the high/DRL and sidelight assembly..


I am planning to change both the high/DRL and sidelight bulbs but i dont want to force it.


Anyone have experience removing these? 



Sidelights just pull out, only changed that and indicators on MK7.5 so can't comment on other bulbs.

Thanks. Done.


Note: Dont use your fingers(there are sharp edges in there - ended up cutting myself trying pull them out)


USE pliers to pull them out!

I used pliers and snapped one =/

This was a great help with replacing the two dipped beam lamps on my Fiesta - The job was very straightforward, even the clips all came apart without problem.


Excellent guide

Hi, I have a fiesta mk7 zetec s. I'm looking to change my main beam, dipped and fog lights. Can someone give me a link to some? I'm just looking for a more bright white light, preferably with a hint of blue if possible? Any help is appreciated.


Are the H7 Dipped Beam a two prong fitting?


Just fitted some CREE LED bulbs in my fog lights and thought I'd let
people know a very easy way to change fog light bulbs on a mk7.5...Turn
your front wheels full lock to one side and unscrew two screws on the
lining of the arch just behind where the fog light is, the arch lining
then moves away really easily and you can get to the rear of the fog
light and also see what you are doing.  The bulb holder/plug then just
twists 90 degrees and comes out allowing you to change the bulbs.


easier than taking the headlight off and doing it through the bonnet,
as the passenger side fog light is blocked by the windscreen wash


Ethan yes they are 2 pronged and stiff to get out.  I have just changed mine and I had to get a screwdriver between the plates to prise it out! 


As for the headlight units I couldn't have done it without this guide although I was about to give up when the first one just wouldn't budge until I found that after releasing the 2 clear tabs if you twist the bottom of the light that runs along the bumper out towards you and pull up at the same time it frees quite easily and the other one then came out without all the swearing.    


Someone mentioned that you can changed the dipped without removing the headlights by taking off the dustcap and I thought that when I looked but I still wanted to have a go.      At the end of the day the design is a disgrace and these bulbs should just slide in from above cartridge style.     And to think some countries require this to be a roadside job with spare bulbs carried in the car!


Also when I put my lights back in they all screwed in OK but I noticed a large gap between the light and the bumper so obviously they were not sat right in the white clip so I undid the screws again and did lots of pushing and shoving and they went OK.   So make sure you check the alignment of the unit along the bumper by crouching down although a small gap towards the front is normal due to the weight of the bumper pulling it down.




thanks for the guide it really helped me yesterday.

Thanks for this guide, the front indicators on the mk7 are a right pain in the... Well they were on mine anyway.

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Changed mine today H7
Followed the guide ,many thanks
Very easy to my surprise only took 20 mins to do both sides
Thanks for the guide it was very helpful! Has anyone noticed when they replace the headlight it seems to not sit back very snug? Or is it just me?

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Had a look at this earlier, how do you get the plastic rivet off holding the headlight to the grille? Mk7.5 Zetec S?

The centre of the plastic rivet lifts up about quarter of a inch and then you can pull the complete plastic plug out it is very easy

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