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Full Version: Something Rolling Around In Chassis
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My first post so please excuse if this has already been asked. There is something rolling around in the boxed in part of the chassis of my Fusion2 directly under the front mounting of the drivers seat. It does it under accelerating and braking and sounds like a loose bolt or nut. If I bang the chassis from underneath with my hand, I can hear the thing rattling. Anyone know what can be in there, where has it come from and is it dangerous? There seems to be no way of getting into the chassis but if it isn't dangerous I'm thinking of drilling a small hole from underneath and injecting some expanding foam.
Just a thought, did your car ever have a tow bar fitted that has now been removed?...If this is the case it is just possible, that one of the bolts or spacers used could have been carelessly lost into the void of the chassis member, and it has migrated down to the front of the car...(the chassis narrows just near the drivers footwell)...if this is the case look under the boot carpet and see if you have any holes drilled in the floor either side of the spare wheel well. you may be luck with a peice of stiff-ish wire and a magnet taped to the end of it.....good luck anyway that would drive me crackers!
also it could be a stone
Thanks for suggestions but my problem has now been sorted. A small socket extension which had been left in the back of the car had rolled forward and fell through a hole in the rear of the cross member supporting the driver's seat. I'd looked under the seat but couldn't see any hole but luckily a sharp eyed friend did. Don't know what the purpose of this hole is unless it's to get at the nuts on the seat fixings but these look fixed to me.

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