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Full Version: Front Interior Light
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Hi guys,

Im pretty new to Ford, having owned VW, Renault (twice) Vauxhall (whoops) and BMW, ive now joined the focus bandwagon as myself and the future wife wanted a new car with better mpg than 30 to 35 from a 1.4 clio!!

Anyway, i like to do the DIY route and fix things myself, but i am a little lost with this one.....

The front interior light has had a fit and decided to play silly buggers!

The middle slide switch has lost all pressure and pulls straight out. I took it apart last night and had a look and i think there may be a piece missing. The black switch slots into the main light unit and i assume the small square copper plate locates over the black shaft of the slider swith. Then theres a small cone shaped spring which again, i assume, goes over the black shaft. Confusion starts now as there is nothing to keep the spring in place and keep pressure on the switch to "click" on wither of the three light settings.

Any ideas guys? Please! lol

Is it a Focus Mk1? And is the headlight the one with maplights either side? Or just a standard interior light.
I dont have a clue how to fix it but for saving hassle I would go to the local breakers and take one out of a scrapper :)
[quote name='calmcdermott' date='26 May 2010 - 11:25 AM' timestamp='1274872529' post='83204']
I dont have a clue how to fix it but for saving hassle I would go to the local breakers and take one out of a scrapper :)

lol yeah that did cross my mind, might do, but now im set and geared up for winning lol

yeahs its the one with the map lights either side on the mk1.

seems very simply, but just cant think what may be missing or whats happened lol

if i go to the scrapper, definately the easy option, but wouldnt half wind me up when im thinking about it lol

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