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Full Version: Diamondbrite Clean
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Kris Eagling
Hi Everyone

Im going to use my precious time away from the air with EasyJet to give my new 10 plate black fiesta a wash.

I have the diamondbrite kit which has various shampoo's etc inside

I know it is a good kit, but does anyone have any tips/techniques or even an order in how they clean their car. As doing around 300miles of motorway driving has brought around some dirt which I can't stand. Very OCD about keeping my car clean all the time :)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

If you're OCD about car cleaning - then strip it off and add some decent protection.

Simply put, Diamondbrite is a synthetic sealant, and while as a sealant it works ok, the whole system is fundamentally flawed.

No sealant is going to last long term (say more than 3-6 months) before some quite serious hole start appearing in your protection. Now as an example, it takes me over an hour to create a good sealant layer on thoroughly prepared paintwork - do you really think Diamondbrite can do that simply with a top up from their 'conserver' on less than perfect paint? I would suggest not.

Much better would be to strip back the diamondbrite sealant (the entire kit sells for a fiver on eBay by the way, I really hope you didn't pay to have it applied, it's the biggest dealer rip off on the planet in my book) and look to apply a good quality sealant yourself such as FK1000P or Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection. Alternatively, you could wax the car, which is a whole lot more satisfying (or maybe I'm just sad) than using the diamondbrite stuff anyway.

See my detailing thread for help there :)

[url=""]Detailing Guide[/url]
Jason Tierney
What he Said ^^ :)

I had supaguard put on my car before purchase( free Mr.Dan, only for the medical kit and fire extinguisher etc that came with it :) ) and I can tell already(and i have a limited knowledge of most things!) that the protection is wearing, only been since April 19th. I have some AutoGlym HD Wax to put on instead im sure dan will approve that I will be doing next weekish

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