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Full Version: Spare Wheel Options?
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So I have started a new job, and running a 70 mile run a day, is starting to take its toll on my wallet! so lets go looking for "how to make your car more fuel efficient" and lose weight is one of the better options...

So here is the question, do I keep the fill size spare, or do I ditch the dead weight, and use a good ol' "space saver spare wheel".

I know this has two options - 1 is a tiny tyre that you take off your child's bicycle and attach it to your car, or you can use the tyre in a can.

What's the opinions?
C-Max Boy 1983
If it was me I would keep the tyre option and perhaps get a 16inch spacesaver from Ford.

I got the can with my C-Max and decided to buy a full 16 inch focus steel for my car just for the peace of mind.

Will the weight saved by this lead to a measurable MPG improvement? I'd wager there are MUCH bigger gains to be made by:

- Modifying your driving style
- Never leaving the car to warm up idling when cold
- Making sure tyres are at the right pressure, and other fuel consumption affecting service related issues are sorted
- Driving with windows closed, aircon off when practical
- Drive to work earlier, if that will miss fuel guzzling traffic jams

I often drive 75m each way to work. Mainly motorway. If I do that all week I get up to 66mpg (TDCi). Weekends (different driving style and conditions) I'll get high 50's. It makes a big difference ;-)
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Another good trick is to fill up really late at night or very early in the morning when fuel is more dense so you get a tinyyy little bit more for your money.. every little helps

... and don't drive out of your way to save 1p/litre on the fuel cost. That may be 40-50p on a tank full, and you'll consume that (as the running cost of the car) in not many miles. There's also a trade off between losing more of the weight you want to save (fuel tank emptier), and getting so low you're forced to fill up at a particularly expensive garage so you don't run out!

Personally I fill to the top, and fill up once past 1/4 tank left when I'm then already passing a garage I know has reasonable prices.
i manage 68 to 75 mpg average and am only looking at getting more from it if i can
[quote name='jeebowhite' date='03 June 2010 - 04:43 PM' timestamp='1275579194' post='84025']
i manage 68 to 75 mpg average and am only looking at getting more from it if i can

Excellent :-)
personal preference i suppose, if you don't mind not going over 50mph and being carefull then the spacesaver is a good option but if you like to get home asap then maybe its best to stick with the one supplied....:D

actually your mileage is excellent, and a space saver i don't think will give you that much more...

60 mph on the motorway, and a lot of time, a 30 minute journey takes me 55 - 75 minutes. I cant remember what Ford said was the MPG for my car, will have to take a look in the manual.

I really would like to see what my live is, because I normally set the average MPG reader, and then see what it is after my 30 mile drive. well I am quite happy with it then, it seems that maybe it wont make all that much of a difference...

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