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Full Version: How Do I Convert Mk3 Mondeo Tddi 115Bhp To The 130Bhp
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Dear Ford Owners Club,

I have a 2001 Ford Mondeo TDDi that is 115bhp. I would like to convert it to 130bhp. Is this possible and what would it involve (Ford to plug it into computer, new chip in ECU or what)?

Also what is the difference between my TDDi and the TDCi and having been told that mine has a Cam Chain, should I ever need to replace it like I would a Cam Belt?

Thanks all,
DSCat :)
C-Max Boy 1983
Welcome to the Ford Owners Club.
the best way to get extra power would to get a remap amd should add around 30 bhp,you should not have to replace the cam chain unless it starts to rattle like hell just keep up the oil changes, the tdci has the newer common rail injection system which which can be troublesum,tddi are a simpler system and generaley more reliable.
Welcome to the forums :)
Thanks for all your responses.

I was looking to upgrade to 130bhp as I have a friend who bought a Drake Box 2 (plug-in performance chip) from Draketuning on eBay for his 130bhp TDCi and recommended it as a complete success. If I order it for a 115bhp Mondeo it can boost the power up to 159bhp, whereas if I order for a 130bhp it could increase power to 178bhp. I am looking for a little more overtaking power (as I currently do not have any) and have found that by adding a Superchip to petrol engines the MPG gains have been significant.

I have little experience with diesel engines (I have either run peterol or LPG vehicles) but would expect (as advertised) an improvement in MPG as a result of fitting the performance chip. I also am exploring the possibilities of adding a K&N Cone filter, a Vortex Fuel Saver and a Fuel Cat having found success with MPG and responsiveness before.

If anyone has had any experience or advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, DSCat
personally i would never fit a tuning box as a lot of them just interupt the fuel signal from the ecu and gain the extra power by uping the fuel pressure,which could overstress the injectors, but i know of people who have fitted them and are happy with what they have got.

Wow- this is an old thread - i came across it looking for something else!


The (Mondeo mk3) TDDI and TDCI are basically the same, the TDDI 115 uses a Bosch VP44 pump and mechanical injectors (non- common rail), the TDCI is a common rail engine that uses delphi electronic injectors, the engine internals (2.0L) are the same , including cams/ chains valves etc etc the cam chain/ tensioner valve gear is very reliable, does not require frequent changes, and can last 300K+ miles with regular oil changes


A good tuning box is just about as good as a remap, in fact the DTUK tuning box i use has more bottom-end grunt than the Superchips Bluefin remap i also run, they both cost about the same  (approx £400 when 1st released and about £320/£330 now/ or with discount) you get what you pay for and a cheepo "resistor" tuning box is obviously not the same thing, or a dodgy "back street" remap that they got off the net installed by someone who dies not know what they are doing


159Hp from an otherwise stock TDDI (or 178Hp from a TDCI)is unlikely/ unrealistic, most  digital tuning boxes claim 140-145Hp, and the Superchips Bluefin remap 147Hp, to get 159+, requires a bit more work.....     


If you want to know how to get 160+HP out of your 2.0l TDDI, read my build thread,

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