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Full Version: Surging Duratorq Diesel
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newbie here with a new to me 2001my 2.0 td (duratorq)TDDI love the thing to bits but its got a slight problem thats niggling at me.

when you hold a steady throttle in any gear it "surges/power fades in and out" if you are accelerating/slowing down it is nice and smooth. its just serviced at 93,000 and has full ford history to 83,000 miles. is it just a thing that the duratorq's do or is it a simple thing to get fixed?? thanks vince
just to update this subject its now started to hunt the revs when its idling. has anyone any idea what is causing the surging and now the hunting?
The info i got from this very forum is that it's a Duratorq quirk.. Mine only does it when my temp display is reading below 10 degrees,,,it drives perfectly when doing it, and is fine after a few minutes...Hope this helps....Bill
has the egr valve ever been cleaned?
Not to my knowledge. Is it worth doing ? Wouldn't it do it all the time regardless of temperature though ?
if its never been done i would say yes, as a clogged egr or a split turbo hose often gives a surging problem,but only doing it below 10 deg is a puzzler.
I have a tddi 02 87000 miles and I'm having the same problem blanked egr full service new throttle pedal and no change also some times when I start car hot or cold it makes a different noise if I let go of key when it is making this noise it wil run at 500rpm and sound like s--t then conk out second turn of key and it's fine.. when starting in a morning it sometimes revs up and down slightly

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