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Full Version: Flashing Glow Plug Light When Driven Hard
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as the main line states i have had the glow plug light flash a couple of times with the resultant lack of power when driving the car in a manner probably not legal, but if i turn of the engine and re start it everything back to normal,no issues(yet) when driving normally just when caning it a bit.

any ideas as to whats causing it would be helpful to try and nip this in the bud

tdci 130 192000mls 02 reg
chris bowman
probably injectors, but would be worth having the codes read
[quote name='chris bowman' date='06 June 2010 - 10:27 PM' timestamp='1275859070' post='84367']
probably injectors, but would be worth having the codes read
well it's still doing it but only in 5th gear,if I red line it in any gear other than 5th no problems,but if I just floor it in 5th to overtake some times it pops the glow light on and I have to turn off the engine and restart it and it's ok again,anyone near Lowestoft have the kit to read the codes as really object to using a Ford dealer as they generally are crap and greedy (John Grose are anyway)
this usually points towards a fuel pressure problem,but you need to get the codes resd to confirm.

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