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Full Version: Air Temp Sensor
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Hi I am sure it has been covered somewhere on this Forum but I have had a look and cannot find it so here goes!!

Just bought a 2004 Mondeo 2.0 diesel and the Ice warning light is on in the dash and the digital computer readout in the dash read's ----F or sometimes -40F I feel certain its only the outside temp sensor faulty. My question is can someone tell me where exactly it is located on the Mondeo and is it easy to change (Cant be that expensive)

Any help appreciated

Neil C
it should be Behind the bumper on the drivers side, just below the headlight,

I'm not sure about Mondeo, I've got experience of Fiesta.  In any case there's lots of these sensors available on eBay.  You'll probably find a new one is £60 or so from Ford.  I believe it is fitted behind the front bumper.  Make sure you get one with the right plug on.  It's not easy to change unless the car is jacked up or on a ramp etc.  You can confirm the sensor is faulty by replacing it with a 10k resistor, that will give you a permanent display reading (I think it's 25C approx) and get rid of the 'ice light' if all the wiring etc. is OK

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