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Full Version: Whats That Button Do?
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Hi All

I have just purchased a 1993 Escort XR3i 1.8 Convertible and do not have the manual for it and I am stumped to know what one of the buttons in it does? Can any one help me out?

The button is right next to the handbrake and has a little lightening bolt on it... My first thought was it might be for the electric soft-top, but i was told by the previous owner that the soft-top was not electric and the roof has manual handles for folding it back which i guess you wouldnt have if the roof was electric.

I have pressed it a couple of times and ive not noticed anything happen... Im stumped?

some xr3i came with an electric roof so it could be the button for the roof if it was fitted.
Have a look in the boot on the left hand side, behind the varpet.

If it was originally an electric hood car the pump should be there.

The only thing i can think of is that the original pump may have stopped working so it has been left in manual mode
C-Max Boy 1983
If I could find my escort owners handbook I would have a gander, but since moving house, I can't locate it at present.
C-Max Boy 1983

Spent a bit of time hunting down the owners manuel both for a 1991 and a 1993 escort and searched through, it is not related to the cabrio hood your switch should have a lightning bolt/with a arrow pointing up above it.

Basically this is the power cut of switch.

Description in the manual states


"Depressing the push button switch cuts off the power operated rear windows. It is recommended that this cut off switch is used when children are carried in the car.

Depressing the switch will again restore the power supply to these components".

Hope this is of help to you mate.



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