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Full Version: Cutting Out Issues With My 1.4 Escort Its Driving Me Nuts!!
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Hello Everyone,

I own a 1.4 N reg escort and whenever i go to stop it cuts out on me. It also revs really high sometimes at 2000 rpm when ticking over and then settles down and other times itll be fine and ticking over and itll start to rev really low and nearly cut out. Its driving me mad and its becoming quite dangerous aswell now as mini roundabouts arent fun to negotiate when the car cuts out and the power steering goes, iv had a few worried looks from pedestrians as a red escort heads towards them!! I love working on the car its just im still learning and iv managed to service it and change the wheel bearing so my mechanical knowledge is minimal!!


Sounds like the idle control valve
Remove the whole CFI unit and clean the whole lot including ISV with a good libberal coating of carb cleaner.
These crap central injection units are reknown for gumming up to hell.A bad design from the offset.

Hi i too have the same problem on my Escort and it's been baffling me for ages i've changed just about every sensor, had work done to the engine, cleaned and replaced the idle control valve cleaned all the intake, looked for air leaks checked the cat and even checked the ignition side of things and it's still the same! but mines only when it's cold and aswell as it cutting out its also underpowered like it's running on three cylinders and after about 15-20 mins it's fine. So if i ever find out the problem i'l let you know.
Could be a knackered CAT

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