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Full Version: Rear Pads And Discs
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chris bowman
ok ,put new rear discs and pads on my mkiii 54 plate 2.0 tdci the other day and noticed that on the nearside, the cable lever did not return to its stop when i removed the handbrake cable. instead there was a gap of 5mm! when i reconnected the handbrake after replacing discs and pads the gap was still there. i can force the lever against the stop easily but the fitting spring isnt enough on its own. the car passed its mot the other day and i check the wheel isnt any hotter than the others after driving (a sign that that wheel may be binding). obviously brake and handbrake are balanced as the car passed the mot.
any thoughts?
it could be a piston not aligned correctly or the adjustment of the handbrake not set up see full fitting guide here.
chris bowman
[quote name='mintalkin' date='24 June 2010 - 03:55 PM' timestamp='1277394357' post='86038']
it could be a piston not aligned correctly or the adjustment of the handbrake not set up see full fitting guide here.
just a quick update. the rear pads and discs were changed using the above link info to the letter. the piston retracted quite freely. origionally the lever on the nearside calliper was settling 5mm away from its stop but after application of wd40 the gap is now down to 2mm. i can make the lever go back against the stop but still the spring isnt man enough. i tried fords today to see as i now know this is a fairly common problem is there was a stronger spring developed for such an occasion as this. they looked the part up on the pc there and we could both see that the spring is not available!!! however u do get a free spring if u buy a callipker at 155.00 + vat!!!???!!! so i am now going to the local knackers yard to see if i can get a couple! im gonna give the calliper a chance as i get a chirping from the back wheel now after about an hours driving which doesnt happen often, presumeably when the disc is warmer. im still abit confused that this was not enough inbalance to fail the brake test for the mot, but i suppose if the disc was cold it wouldnt make enough difference!

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