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Hey everyone,

just wondering if anyone would mind sharing how much they are paying to insure their mk2 ka?

I'm asking because last year my quote was around 500, i've just had the renewal letter through and now for some reason it's gone up to 621 (that's with virgin, fully comp and with 4 years no claims) :blink:

I was expecting the price to fall not rise, is this just simply the sign of the times ie. the cost of EVERYTHING has gone up or should I get on the phone to them and tell them they are having a laugh?

I usually don't stick to the same insurance company but after having a quick search the other day and finding prices pretty ridiculous I was hoping my current insurers renewal price would be cheaper . . . :unsure:

Actually i just looked at last years policy and it was only 352.80 !!!! so almost double now!! This is surely not right??? :angry:
As everyone prob knows on the forum i work for an insurance company and the price for it has rocketed this year with every company (happened last nov) all you can do is shop around really, use the comparison sites and youlle have to google some companies as some dont use comparison sites i.e. direct line.....
Yeah I always use go compare and all the rest, so far cheapest is tesco @ 406. I just can't understand y my renewal price has gone up by 300 quid! Its like they don't want my custom! (needless 2 say they aren't getting it!) I'm gonna ring virgin on Monday and ask them kindly 2 explain y its gone up so much, I know they will probably cut the price a little but out of principle now I don't think I'd insure with them unless they get it more near the 200 mark and I can't c that happening...
Bought the ka2 earlier this year with lower insurance group than previous car which was insurance group 6 to find it was dearer to insure! Cheapest quote i could get was direct line
I've not had a car for about three years, but been named driver. I had full protected NCD on my last insurance so I was hoping to be able to combine that with named driver status (long shot I know, but worth asking for) anyway I went to Swintons who insure my Husband and their first quote was just over 500(in her words a fantastic deal!)well considering I have just bought a 1999 Ka for 495, I think that's really not so fantastic a deal! But, and this was the clincher really they are continuing my protected full NCD, also they threw in legal cover, personal cover and the top breakdown package, and I got them down to 350ish for the lot, fully comp. I don't think that's a bad deal in the end. Just goes to show though, they had the flexibility, if I hadn't said no three times and gone away to think about it, it might have been a whole lot dearer!

One question, my husband had a claim this year, not his fault and the third party insurers paid up, but my insurance quote went up by about 200 when I took him off! Why would that be?

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