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Full Version: Mondeo Tdci Flashing Glow Plug When It's Warm
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Hi all,

Am hoping someone can help me with some good advice as I don't know much about cars at all unfortunately. I have a mk3 mondeo 2.0 TDCI 115 and it's a 2005 05 model.

If I start the car from cold it starts fine and runs fine and if it's a coldish day I have no problems.

However if I restart the engine whilst it's still warm I get the flashing glow plug light and the car goes into limp mode. Once I Let the engine cool down and restart it it's fine.

Also if it's a particularly hot day I am finding that once it gets warm the glow plug light is coming on while I'm driving. I'd guess it will do the same on a cold day if it driven far enough to get warm.

It's been on diagnostics and is a P132B which suggests it's a fault with the rotary electric actuator on the turbo. Which means a whole new turbocharger at mega bucks - and with just having my 2nd child I don't have a chance of fixing :(

I'm sceptical that's it's even the turbo to be honest as it's only happening if it's warm.

Can anyone advise please? Has anyone had this problem before and what was the outcome?


with the bonnet up when you start the car the actuator arm on the turbo should move,if it does not try disconnecting the arm from the turbo and try again,if the arm moves it could be the variable vanes in the turbo which have become stuck with all the gunge,the turbo can be stripped and the vanes cleaned.if the arm does not move it looks like a new turbo as the actuator are not a seperate part.
Thanks for the reply mate. I did this the other day. If it's started from cold the arm moves without any problems. However when it's from a warm start it fails to move. It's confusing me. What are your thoughts on that? Thanks
when the car is warm dissconect the actuator and Then slowly and gently pull the arm back and forth and see if there is any sticking points on the could be that the vanes get sticky when hot.

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