I have had my Fiesta 1.6 Titanium for 9 months now.

For past 4 months, the car has been back to Ford three times.

The car developes a noisy sounding tailpipe, loss of power below 4000rpm, and is sluggish. There is also poor throttle response. The exhaust sounds like an aftermarket exhaust. The problem is not consistent.

The tailpipe has been replaced under warranty, but this is just a symptom of the cause. I suspect that the ECU and a sensor is faulty creating incorrect valve timing for the variable cam timing.

This would explain the loss of power, noisier sounding exhaust and poor throttle response.

The trouble is getting the car in at the dealers when it is not right.

I have been fortunate to get a motoring journalist to drive the car and he agreed the car is not right.

The car is booked in again this Tuesday.

Any ideas/