Hi Folks

My Dad has a 59 Plate Focus 1.8 Petrol With 2700 Miles on the clock.

[b][u]My Problem[/u][/b]

The Engine is running and no gear is engaged handbrake is on, if i touch the accelerator there seems to be a delay and then a "whoosh" sound, appears to be like air being pushed out from somewere then the engine revs, all within 3 - 4 seconds.

Consequently while driving my performance is lacking in power and refinement. This issue was intermittent however it is now more and more apparent that there is a problem.

For instance pulling off and you give it some juice to pull out into a island there is a delay then all of a sudden the power is there, however through-out all the gears i notice the car seems to be "pulling back" or "withdrawing" while accelerating. This is rather concerning considering its a brand new car.

Any body have any idea's?