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Full Version: 2.0 Tdci Mpg?
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What sort of MPG do the 2.0TDCI mondeo's get?
i get an average of 44mpg on local work and around 52mpg on a long motorway run with the cruse set.thats from an o6 plate.
tdci stevie
mines about 49 mpg running around, and about 56 mpg when set on cruise on a nice 3 lane motorway run, 2004 TDCi 130 6 speed
click cluck
I thought i WAS GETTING 50+ mpg - according to the dash board..

But checking by mileage and fuel pump it went down to 44.

so instruments over read by 10% at least - and that's assuming the odometer is accurate!!

05 130 Tdci

oh - btw - any idea why after every oil / filter change I should get erratic over-reads on the oil dip stick - as much as 1" over the max level - on level ground etc etc - but then ( usually when I take it back to garage!! ) the oil level is fine ( just max..)
Hey, are you guys driving the 115 or 130 ps model?

I'm in the 115 2.0 TDCI ('06 plate) and getting circa 65 mpg on the motorway (sat at 60 mph), high fifties at 70, and anywhere between 45-55 mpg including town driving etc.
06-130tdci six speed,heavyish right foot, are those figures from the dash computer or by the pump?

I have a 2.0 6 speed Mondeo TDCi 130 on a 55 plate. 30,000 miles on clock.

Urban I get 37.5, mixed around 45 mpg. Best was pure motorway at 50 mpg. These are actuals, ie brim the tank record the milage and re-brim the tank. The computer display always reads higher than actuals but not with a consistant error. Varies form +9% to +55%. No leaks found and rolls easily so no brakes binding etc. First diesel I've had, usualy change up around 2200 revs and criuse on m'way at around 60 - 65 in sixth giving 1500 revs. Appreciate any comments.
I get about 45-47 round and about and 57-60 on a longer run on a tdci 130 5speed est, 192000mls now so just about run in then,he he
cousin it
[quote name='fish4tea' date='28 July 2010 - 05:41 PM' timestamp='1280338285' post='90332']
I get about 45-47 round and about and 57-60 on a longer run on a tdci 130 5speed est, 192000mls now so just about run in then,he he

I'm getting 44-46mpg around town and 55-58mpg on motorway on an 04 TDCI 130 six speed done 150000

get around 48 MPG motorway and local.

However, only get 34MPG towing a caravan if this helps
Bill Badger
I get 46mpg on local running around. This goes up to 55mpg on a motorway run at 70-80mph indicated.

I also think the display is optimistic, but no more than about 7%. I have been pleased on more than one occasion with the (luckily) pessimistic display of how many miles are left on the remaining fuel though.....! The fuel gauge does become erratic when down to two or three gallons, depending on how the car has been parked.

Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 130 6 speed

(The only difference between the 115 and the 130 is the later injector unit).
I do a lot of motorway miles, average 55mpg, worst 45mpg and best 64mpg

I've got an 04 plate, 130 model, 6 speed with 130k on the clock. I drive like a granny using cruise control around 60mph however.

The on board computer is optimistic by around 8% give or take.

I have the 2.0 tdci 130 (6 speed hatch) and this is what i find:

Heavy foot round town: 38
Easy round town: 45

Heavy foot motorway: 42
Easy motorway: 55

BEST journey (over 100 miles): 72.9 mpg :D
2008 TDCi 130 39,000. I drove from Paisley to Aviemore on cruise +48MPG I done the return journey withiut using cruise and got 54MPG
I think mine is all shot, my MPG says 65+ but I only get about 350-400 miles out of a tank motor way cruising
2003 2.0TDCi 130 5 speed auto 84,000, getting 42-43 mpg on mostly motorway driving.

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