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Full Version: Thule Feet Dont Fit 06 S Max
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my new Thule roof rack and footpack dont fit my 06 S Max


Ive spoken to Thule and The Vendor and they both say its the right part.
Seems VERY odd that the plastic feet dont fit snuggly into the recess,
and that the feet end in two teeth that will focus all the weight of the roof rack.

The 3030 foot pack instructions say its for the 06 car and show the feet ive been delivered.
But when I match them up to the roof recesses the bolt lines up but that is about it.

This ones got me really scratching my head.
Help most appreciated!
somewhere they have messed you order,the 3030is a general fitting kit not a footpack, you need something like this
or this
thanks - the first one looks right.
I actually showed them a pic on the web which they dismissed but now ive had another look at it and what ive got im sure they are talking rubbish.
v alarming to send them pics and get a polite but dangerously uninformed (it seems) response.

ive spoken to thule and the vendor again and they are politely adament that it is correct.
they seem like good people so can anybody assure me this weird looking set up is okay?
Blinky Bill
For anyone browsing this for reference the photographs do show the correct fittings (Thule 3030) for an S-Max 2006-2011. The tall hard plastic pieces shown partly inserted into the roof recesses then have hard rubber feet surrounding them as part of the kit. This hard rubber should stand just off the paintwork to avoid marks. Looks odd but works. I have found that the Ford Galaxy (2006-) kit also works but ends up bolting straight into the roof recesses and the rubber pads sit on the roof.
i have the same problem as described above. Please advise

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