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Full Version: Pipe Blew Off Radiator - Help!!
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ive got a 55 plate mondeo estate, 2.0 TDCI 115 on 122k - please help me!

driving along the car lost its "poke" and the temp gauge went straight to hot

pulled over, opened the bonnet to check if it was the head gasket, as this has happened to me on another car. i noticed a pipe had come off and there was some steam coming from it, its about 40mm diameter, on passenger side of rad near the top and its a plastic with a bend on it, i put it back on but couldnt seem to get it on properly, so i cable tied it in place, filled my water up, which took nearly 5 litres, and was able to drive off and the car seemed back to normal, checked it when i got home n it was leakin steam so its definiately not on right,

any ideas on a) what the pipes called b ) why is it so hard to get back on and c) why has this happened

i cant really afford to put it in a garage
Sounds like your top hose,

There should be a metal clip that holds it in place, there is also an o ring inside the fitting on the top hose that acts as the seal if this is damaged/worn thats why your getting steam. Its possible that you may have nicked the seal trying to get it back on.

You need to check that the clip is there and the condition of the oring, if the clip is in place the pipe should just slide onto the radiator until it clicks into place. By the sounds of it the clip has broken and come off hence why its not staying in place and has come off in the first place.
i took it off and there was no o ring so im assuming it was lost when it blew off,
i checked the whole pipe and found it was split in the middle so ive bought another 1 from ford,
intercooler pipe, got it fitted and now all is fine

thanks for the reply

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