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Full Version: Bp Ultimate Diesel Vs Shell V Power Diesel
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Title says it all really...

what do you guys and girls say?

always use v power myself,i find the car runs smoother and a few more mpg,havent noticed a massive power increase, but the mondys can be fuel sensitive so i steer clear of supermarket fuel and every fourth tankfull give her a dose of millers power sport 4 to keep everything clean.
Bit of a petrol head myself ;)
None, the Fiesta just gets Tesco 95 Octane fuel. Has for over 2 years, runs fine on it! If I had to choose though it would be Shell. Though, the Fiesta is petrol anyway, so it wouldn't be getting Shell V Power Diesel!

Shell V-Power Diesel is the best fuel I have run so far. No economy increase so on price alone I run the Shell Fuel Save.


BP Diesel - Engine is silky smooth and quiet, throttle response is just not there.


BP Ultimate Diesel - As above, no noticeable difference felt, won't run it again.


Shell Fuel Save Diesel - Hands down my number one choice due to price, throttle response is noticeable, engine little less silky and smooth as BP fuels.


Shell V-Power - The grin is huge, slight throttle response increase over Fuel Save, when I'm doing long runs I will fill up with it. Engine and my foot love this stuff!


Supermarket - All I hear is injector noise, if I have to use I will put enough to get me from A to B!

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