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Full Version: The History Of The Escort.
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My first ford was a 1935 Y type and I've owned just about every model since,from V8 Pilot to Zodiac,I saw a recent program on TV about the history of the Escort,it was complettely misleading,it indicated that the 1st Escort was introduced as the MK1,in 1967,however I owned an Escort which was built in 1955.The 1955 Escort was introduced in Sept.,as an estate car,there were two models,Escort (basic)and Squire (de-lux)the Squire had wooden side strips and upgraded interior.They were powered by the 1172cc 10hp side valve engine.Engine numbers Escort 157603 > Squire 155392>.Allthough the side valve unit was not particularly high powered,it was very smooth and quiet,having less moving parts than the OHV engines.
The Anglia was the forerunner to the Escort, the first use of the Escort name was used for the badging of the Anglia 100E estate which is in the first and second picture's, the Squire was a higher trim level, Escort was basic trim level, it was first used in it's own right as a model name on the Mk1 Escort launched in 1967

hope this is of help :)
As Mick said, the Anglia 100E was called the Escort, but it wasn't [i]actually[/i] an Escort! :)
the first picture was known as the escort, the second was the squire, mecanically identical but the escort was based on the cheaper anglia trim while the squire was more upmarket, they were both estate versions of the Prefect 100E. you could argue all day about which was first there were so many cross over models back then. in reality both the escort and the squire were 300e vans with windows,a bench seat and redesigned tailgate.

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