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Full Version: Tapping In A Bury Music Ipod Conection Focus 2008
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Hi can anyone please help me for the following:

I have purchased a Bury Music to attach Bluetooth/ Ipos in one. I need to tap in a blue wire to power the unit but [u][b]only when the ignition is switched on[/b][/u]

I'm having a real problem as to work out where to tap in on the fuse box as I'm worrieed about doing something wrong. The answer to that is to pay someone to do it which is going to cost 100 for a call out.

However I recently had front parking sensors fitted from Ford. There is a small switch that they have put on the centre console drivers side which has been tapped into a wire leading to the fuse box. It only works when the ignition is on. Can I diconnect this wire from the switch, tap into it then replace the spade female spade plug and hook it up.

Will this be safe and work?

Please help

just wire in to the back of the cigarette lighter socket as it will b the right voltage for your device, easier than going to the fuse box and if something goes wrong it still trips the fuse
Thanks for the help but if I do that it will have constnt power as my lighter is constant. Ive been told I can wire it to the parking iad switch as that is wired to the correct supply/ ignition controlled
ah yes sorry it will be constant if fag lighter is constant i must have been thinking of my old cavalier.

not sure about your parking switch's voltage or fuse, check that the voltage and fuse requirements are the same for the device you want to give power to otherwise you will be blowing the fuse for it all the time

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