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Full Version: Engine Temperature Gauge Misbehaving
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I have a strange problem with a temperature gauge.

It rarely shows the right temperature. The needle stays at 0 and it rarely climbs up, when it does (usually that happens on a motorway at above 120km/h speed) it climbs to a normal position and stays there until I brake.
My first thought was thermostat but it passed the boiling water in a cup test. Cooling fans seem to do their job to.
If I turn the heater to 30C it blows hot air.

Does anybody knows the location of a cooling water temperature sensor on 1.8TDCI (125PS)?
sounds like a problem with the temp sender unit or its wiring.
Is there a way I can check this at home?
[quote name='kekec1024' date='28 July 2010 - 09:19 AM' timestamp='1280304556' post='90277']
Is there a way I can check this at home?

needs diagnostics to check it best have it looked at

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