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Full Version: Focus Auto - Gear Change 'problem'
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Just wondering if anyone has come across this 'problem'.
Have a 2003 Focus 1.6 Ghia Automatic, with 60,263 on the clock, and have NEVER had a pick of bother with it in over 4 years of ownership, however, in the last few weeks I have noticed that when it is changing gear from 1-2,, or 2-3 there is a sort of pause/delay before it engages with a jolt; It has always been a relatively smooth transition before. I am not getting any warning symbols on the dash, the fluid levels is normal and in a clear state with no peculiar smell.
I'm no mechanic so am I looking at something expensive? Is this to do with the timing belt being due to be replaced?
All helpful advice gratefully appreciated.
Can anyone help?
[quote name='Heff' date='16 August 2010 - 01:08 PM' timestamp='1281959881' post='93180']
Can anyone help?

wont be to do with the timing belt though i hope you had a full kit done inc tensioner as its the tensioner that goes causing the belt to snap and not the belt itself anyway when was the gearbox last serviced? there is an oil filter that needs replaced and obviously the oil needs changed it may be that simple and its where ide start other than that its off to a dealer to get the fault diagnosed it could be a sign of something to come

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