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Full Version: Entainment On Focus
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hi guys i am in the process of getting a 2003 focus my question is this i want to get an stero system from ebay like a 7" slide out screen dvd gps 1 din or i am considering of getting a 2 din 7" dvd gps i have not decided which to go for as i am not sure what will fit best the up shot is i want a nice screen to have sat nav on and watch the odd dvd or tv program when hanging around when its raining. i am in two minds wether to have a unit that slides the screen out hidden or get a 2 din that does the same except wit a removable screen my main question which is best to get and will both fit a focus? i would like to get the one that looks the best but also would like to keep costs down have looked on ebay and their is many types you can go for like removal screens on 2 din 7 " and 5.6" 5.6 being a 1 din and also have seen the slide out screen ones to but these seem to not incude gps as standard on the budget models any advice out their please???
Have a look on Digital Car....... a great site for anyone contemplating a carpc :)


And this is the story of my old Focus through all its incarnations ( at mp3car..... another good site, but over the pond )
thanks alot for sites that dont work....
[quote name='paulbrogden' date='01 August 2010 - 12:17 AM' timestamp='1280617628' post='90686']
thanks alot for sites that dont work....

That second link works fine.
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I take it you want a deacent sat nav system with a tv/dvd player that either has a lift of screen or a flip up one (better in my view) to be honest good luck with wiring it all in with out gutting the car and not breaking the shoddy ford plastics that i can promise you snap under the slightest touch.

The dvb ariels are cheap as hell for the part but finding one to fit can be hard, finding a unit with sat nav and the avability for dvb will be easy if money is no object but last time i looked they were around 500+ for one made by a deacent company such as sony, panasonic etc. you might also need to buy a special ariel for the sat nav unles it's built into the unit.

As to weather they'll fit you can get facia adaptors to fit almost anything into anything so that shouldant be to much of an issue.

Are you going to keep using the standard ford speakers?
yer keep the standard speakers for know i have been looking at these on ebay XTRONS D706G 7" In CAR DVD Player USB SD GPS SAT NAV and the Meos MC701B 7 LCD In Dash Car DVD Player CD/Mp3/Bluetooth/iPod for around 220 they seem ok on a budget i think one has 4 x 45 watt amp other has 4x 60 watt amp not sure which is best as one requires you to buy a gps device to get it to work both on ebay seem decent i think because of the hassel of finding dash bits i might be better off going for the single 1 din motorized screen one les messing about i think .... so is ford not a good make of car then???? if bits just snap off should i consider a vw golf instead if its better build quality????
ford focus edge
vw build quality is just about the same as ford there just not designed to be taken apart once there out the factory, things like headunits are all ok but once you start taking the door cards of etc your going to end up with a few squeeks and rattles maybe even a few broken clips no matter what the car is but with ford because there so common you can always get a replacment part for very little money.

Out of the 2 youve picked id go for the first one but if you look closley nearly everything is optional so your paying about 250 for JUST the unit the adaptors for the reversing camera (if you want it that is) is all optional, it sais its got a built in tv tuner but u might find that its analogue only which is now gone as u must be aware. It also sais that it is only compatable with phones with a2dp bluetooth software so unles your phone isnt one of the newer models like my blackberry it wont work (from what ive read of the bumf)

Why do u want the dvd and sat nav though it might be cheaper to get a upgraded ford 6006 6-cd autochanger unit and then a tom tom or a garmin portable sat nav system?

ive never been one for pop out flip up screens id much prefer an in dash screen, there are some focus double din stereos like this about.

like this one:


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