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Full Version: Tps And Inlet Manifold Problems
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Hi, iv jus joined the ford owners club in hope that some1 may be able to help. I recently brought a 1999 Ford Focus 1.8 zetec. The throttle seems very odd and has delayed response.
I notice the tick over revs seem abit too low and when I put the clutch in to come to a stop the idle drops to 500rpm and almost wants to stall but never does just shudders n goes normal. Sometimes the revs stay at the same postion if i want to slow down just using engine breaking e.g im goin 30mph in 3rd gear let go of the throttle and it just keeps goin 30mph for 10seconds then slows down. Also if the throttle does'nt stick and the engine does slows down by itself, if i accelerate again i get nothing then a sudden jult as if iv dump the clutch, but its jus the revs kicking in. Ive read up on a few forums about ppl having similar problems. They were sayin that when they come to a full stop there revs shoot up to between 2000 and 4000revs then slows down. Everything else seems pretty similar. They were told to replace the TPS(throttle position sensor) and the inlet manifold to a new modle No.YE wich Ford brought out in Aug 2000 to fix the problem so many ppl were having. They said as soon as they had done so the problem was sorted. Can anybody tell me if this sounds like what i should do (replace TPS and inlet manifold). If so where can i get the new model no. manifold, all i can seem to find is second hand 1's from the same engine wich i cant see rectifying the problem if it needs to be a different type. And would it need to be a Ford job e.g would there be any reprograming involved. Or could i fit them my self if i had the extra knowledgeable hands to help and not need to reprograme just fit and go. Many Thanks
I have now found the parts im looking for, its not the new build code inlet manifold but its exactly the same1 just brand new for 40 plus the TPS brand new for 28. Ive also found a brand new injection rail and fuel pressure regulator for another 70 brand new. I thought id might as well replace it all as there all joined together. Can any1 tell me if this would all be able to be fitted with no means to go to ford for reprograming. Many thanks

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