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Full Version: Msn - 12 Everyday Gadgets Facing Extinction
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I just logged into the computer today and saw that article on my homepage... The items apparently facing extinction are:

Floppy Disks (Diskette) - 1982 (3 1/2") - 2011
Incandescent light bulb - 1802 (very basic, and not very good, but it was still an incandescent light bulb) - 2013
Phone Box - 1876 - 2025
CRT Televisions - 1923 - 2007(New), 2015 (existing CRT's)
VHS - 1976 - 2015
Alarm Clocks - N/A - 2017
Computer Mouse - 1963 - 2016 (over my dead body)
Fax Machines - 1970's - 2013
Phone Chargers - 1973 - 2018
House Keys - N/A - 2030 (I'll be keeping mine thank you very much)
Dial-Up - 1962 - 2015
Cash - 1400's - 2050

Well... What ones out of that list will you be glad to see the back of and what ones will you [i]not[/i] want to see go ?

And I know there is a discussion on the MSN website talking about it but it's all jumbled up and I would like to hear what you guys thought about it.

If there were 5 things from that list you could save, what would they be ?

Me - Floppy Disks, House Keys, CRT Televisions, VHS, Computer Mouse.
i dont want to see crt tv's go.

the quality of some of the new plasmas and lcd's and led's are bull! but crt is still really good infact i still use one for my pc

not to mention the heat of some of the new telly's!!!

floppys id be glad to see rid of. cant get much porn on them

and how could alarm clocks be facing extinction ? how else would we get up for work on time.

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